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Few things in life are more annoying than an itchy manhood. Men who want to avoid this situation go to great lengths to give their body the best possible member care Mariano Diaz Real Madrid Jersey , and for many lucky souls, that’s all that’s needed to keep things calm and quiet down there. But when eczema on the member enters the picture, all bets are off – and that dry, itchy manhood situation becomes a problem of epic proportion.

What is eczema?

Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. It can happen anywhere on the body. It shows up as a very red, irritated and itchy area of skin; the skin might look red, inflamed, or even blistered. The itching of eczema is intense Marcos Llorente Real Madrid Jersey , sometimes making it impossible to ignore. Besides these problems, the dryness that comes along with eczema can last long after the initial redness and irritation is gone.

When eczema presents on the member, it can be even more intense than eczema that appears elsewhere on the body. The thin member skin is even more susceptible to dryness and irritation, and of course, having an itchy manhood is one of those things that can truly ruin every aspect of a man’s day – not to mention his intimate life.

How to fight member eczema

Eczema can be tough to handle, especially since it tends to hang around for a long while even if a man is doing all the right things. That’s why a man must get started with these tips at the first sign of redness and itching.

• Intense hydration. Skin covered in eczema is craving moisture, so provide it Marco Asensio Real Madrid Jersey , inside and out. Drink plenty of water, and slather on a high-end emollient that locks in moisture. Make sure the lotion doesn’t contain fragrances or alcohol, as these can make the eczema problem much worse.

• Wash appropriately. Though it might feel great to get under a really hot shower, stick with lukewarm water for daily washing. Keep the shower very short, only a few minutes, and pat the skin dry when finished. Use a very mild cleanser, preferably one that is designed for eczema care.

• Keep the temperature steady. Cold air is almost guaranteed to lead to a big flare-up of member eczema Marcelo Real Madrid Jersey , so make sure to keep the area warm. In addition, men should keep the area where they sleep as comfortable as possible by using a humidifier during the cold months. This will put more moisture into the air, which helps prevent dry skin.

• Wear appropriate clothing. Clothing that is loose-fitting, all-cotton and breathable is recommended. This allows air to flow through as much as possible. It also helps prevent further chafing and irritation when clothing presses against the areas of member eczema.

• Stay away from allergens. Sometimes eczema is caused by something new, such as harsh detergent, new cologne or even sleeping on unfamiliar sheets. Eliminate as many of these factors as possible to help the itching and redness subside.

• Do not scratch! This is easily the most difficult of all the eczema remedies. An itchy manhood begs to be scratched, and the itching from eczema can be especially intense. However Luka Modric Real Madrid Jersey , scratching that itch can actually make the eczema worse, or could even progress to opening up little tears in the member skin. If the itching is very severe, gently rub a moisturizing crème into the area – that will provide some relief and some hydration at the same time. Wear lightweight gloves if necessary to prevent the urge to scratch, especially during sleep.

To keep the skin very well-hydrated year-round, consider including a top-notch male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) in the member care routine. It is vitally important to use a crème that contains Shea butter, a high-end emollient Lucas Vazquez Real Madrid Jersey , as well as vitamin E, known as nature’s hydrator. The combination of these two ingredients can provide a ‘moisture lock’ that can help reduce the itchy manhood problem of male organ eczema. He's still not ready for marriage.

Sean "Diddy" Combs, mega mogul of music and business, and his longtime girlfriend Lisa Porter became parents for the second (or actually third) time last fall to twins Jessie James and D'Lila.

Diddy says he loves being a father and is "having the time of his life."

They have another child, 10 year old Christian.

But even though Diddy claims he would "love to get married," he says he is not ready. Reason? He doesn't want to "get married and fail."

Obviously he's caught up in the same trap that most of us fall into, that there is one way and one way only to be "married."

So I decided to "call him up" and have a conversation with him.

My (imaginary) conversation with Diddy

Dr. Max:
"Mr. Combs Kiko Casilla Real Madrid Jersey , please do not worry about failure, that comes out of a vision of marriage that is not big enough for who you really are."

"But I am afraid we might get divorced like so many other celebrity couples and others, and that would feel like such a failure!"

Dr. Max:
"You haven't let a fear of failure stop you in any other area of life. You've been bold and strong and pioneering, even in the face of some serious criticism. What's this sudden fear about? Be bold like you have been in so many other areas of life."

"Actually, that's right, I didn't let it stop me that others tried to put me down at all! But this seems different."

Dr. Max:
"How does it seem different?"

"Well, this seems even more serious and all-or-nothing than other things I've done..."

Dr. Max
"What if I told you that with your good heart Keylor Navas Real Madrid Jersey , creativity.
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