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National headaches such as the aging society and low birthra

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National headaches such as the aging society and low birthra

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MANCHESTER, Britain, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Details of a multi-million US dollar scheme planned by former Manchester United players Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs were revealed Thursday.

The football stars-turned businessmen head a partnership which has won backing from the Beijing Construction and Engineering Group International (BCEGI).

Stunning images show how a large area of Manchester city center will be transformed by the St Michael' s Partnership, led by Neville and Giggs.

A partnership which includes United legends Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs has unveiled the first images of its 700,000 sq ft mixed-use scheme in Manchester city center.

The St Michael's Partnership plans to build a 200-room five-star hotel in a 31-storey tower, apartments and a 21-storey top-grade office building along with shops leisure space and two new sky barsrestaurants.

Neville, who is a director of Jackson' s Row Developments, said: "Our vision is to deliver the biggest statement in architecture and development that Manchester has seen in modern times.

"Our wish is for St Michael' s to become the premier destination in the city that people come to enjoy all year round.

"Through the provision of three stunning new public spaces, St Michael' s Square, The Steps and The Garden, we' re committed to bringing back to life such a key, underused area of the city."

Neville, using football terminology told local media in Manchester Thursday: He said: "To finally be here and to announce what we' re doing and what our plans are - I am excited. But now it gets real. The game has just started, if you like. The past nine years have been pre-match and now the game' s on and we have to deliver." He said following the vote by Britain to leave the EU he travelled to China and Singapore to meet the project's investors.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "I travelled over to Singapore and had a meeting with our Chinese partners and our local partners as well and I suppose in some ways we had a decision to make: do we go or do we stop. Their message was the same as well. We cannot, at this moment in time, blink.

The project will feature three brand new public spaces, one linking the development to the civic heart of the city close to the historic town hall.

The St Michael's Partnership, formed by Neville, Giggs and business partner Brendan Flood, has joined BCEGI as well as Singapore company Rowsley, and Manchester City Council to bring forward the plans.

BCEGI said: "We are an active equity and construction partner in St Michael' s, one of Manchester city center' s newest mixed-use developments.

"Working in close partnership with Rowsley and The Jackson' s Row Development Partnership (owned by Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Brendan Flood), we own a 21 percent stake in the 200 million pounds (264 million U.S.dollars) regeneration scheme, which is considered by many as a ground-breaking project for the city center."

Rowsley' s managing director for real estate, Ho Kiam Kheong, said: "The focus for the St Michael' s development is to provide world class accommodation and a high quality public realm for those working, living and visiting Manchester.

"Today marks a milestone for the team behind this development as it is the first time we are making the plans available for public view and releasing an early set of images to showcase our vision."

A public consultation exhibition will take place in Manchester at the beginning of September.

BCEGI is a major investor in Airport City, a massive project alongside Manchester Airport costing more than 1 billion U.S.dollars.

by Liu Tian Luis Gonzalez Jersey , Liu Xiuling

TOKYO, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- It is utterly regrettable that the Japanese society is taking backward steps regarding its perception of the wartime history as a number of politicians and ordinary people avoid facing up to or even deny the country's past atrocities, a Japanese veteran historian, Hisashi Inoue, said.

Inoue Paul Goldschmidt Jersey , a professor in the faculty of law at Surugadai University, made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Xinhua on the eve of China's first National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims on Dec. 13, which also marks the 77th anniversary of the mass-slaughter.

Japanese troops captured Nanjing, capital of China at the time, on Dec. 13 Zack Greinke Jersey , 1937. There then followed more than 40 days when more than 300,000 people were murdered and about 20,000 women raped.

The professor noted that as far as in Japan's wartime history is concerned, there is an underlying ethos that an increasing number of people would prefer to live in ignorance or denial rather than face the fact, particularly the Nanjing Massacre.

"Taking history seriously and making sincere apologies to the victims of the massacre and other acts of wartime brutality is of paramount urgency for Japan to do Randy Johnson Jersey ," said Inoue, also known as an active researcher on the Nanjing Massacre.

In today's Japan, growing nationalism is evidenced by numerous best-selling books and publications carrying disparaging content about South Korea and China, available in high street bookstores. Such xenophobic literature, known here as "kenchu-zokan Arizona Diamondbacks Hoodie ," meaning "dislike China and hate South Korea," was placed among Japan's top 10 best sellers last year.

"Japan is becoming less tolerant of different cultures and divergent viewpoints," said the professor.

"National headaches such as the aging society and low birthrate, sluggish economy and Fukushima nuclear crisis have catalyzed Japan 's eagerness to regain its self-confidence. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's slogans like 'toward to a beautiful Japan' and 'making Japan a shining country in the world' have bridged the gap increasingly. "

"However, the Japan that Abe and his right-wing fellows want to bring back is the Dai Nippon Arizona Diamondbacks Hats , or the Empire of Japan, and what they are doing initially is trying .
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