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you will end the season with at least what you started with.

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you will end the season with at least what you started with.

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The bride and the flower girl are two young ladies who will have all eyes on them as each walks down the aisle the bride Ben Woodburn Liverpool Jersey , because she's the star of the day, and the flower girl because she adds such a sweet, innocent touch to the bridal party.While you do not want the flower girl to look like the rest of the bridal party, you can ensure that her ensemble matches the tone of the wedding - whatever tone your wedding takes.Flower girls, often ages 10 or younger, play an important role in the wedding - either accompanying the ring bearer or walking alone and scattering flower petals just before the bride takes her turn down the aisle. Flower girls are usually dressed in white, but the dresses come in colors as well as a variety of styles.


For the most formal of weddings Alex Manninger Liverpool Jersey , the flower girl should dress as formally as a young girl can. That often means a full-length dress, with fancy embellishments like beading and pearls. Some of these dresses are designed to coordinate with manufacturers' bridal gowns - right down to cut, embellishments and fabric. Because they closely resemble wedding gowns, they are called mini-bridal gowns.One option is a full-length dress with a spaghetti strap bodice and beaded lace.

The A-line skirt has a side drape, with additional beaded lace. When worn with short white gloves, the look is elegant. Another formal option is a full-length satin gown with a beaded and embroidered tank bodice and a modified pick-up skirt. While the pick-up skirt is not nearly as full as the coordinating bridal gown, the look is the same.An all-over lace gown is another choice. The A-line dress has a tank bodice with intricate beading around the V-neck and waist. Its tea-length skirt is probably a safe choice for flower girls of a younger age. And it also coordinates with an all-over lace bridal gown with a V-neckline.

Less Formal

For a slightly less formal look Alberto Moreno Liverpool Jersey , consider a shorter dress. Raising the hemline to mid-calf or just below the knees drastically reduces the formality of the look - especially for a little girl. If you still want a fancy fabric, but not such a formal look, consider a satin and organza tea-length dress with alternating bands of satin and organza and floral appliqu?s. The look is stunning, but the below-the-knee length is far less formal than full-length dresses.If you are not trying to mimic the bride's dress - and want one that says "flower girl" - look for a taffeta dress with a bubble hem. It also has a strand of fabric flowers encircling the neckline for a sweet look.For a classic look, choose a silk shantung ball gown with capped sleeves. The bodice stops at the empire waist, dropping into a short, full skirt. The dress ties in the back into a big white bow.


If the wedding is outdoors Adam Lallana Liverpool Jersey , you definitely will not want the flower girl wearing a dress that requires stiff lining, netting and other fabrications. Keep it simple with a short-sleeve crinkle chiffon dress. There's nothing overly embellished about the fabric just some simple beading and ribbon. And the skirt is easy to wear, falling from an empire-waist to about mid-calf. Another simple, yet cute option is the cotton sateen tank dress. Nothing is cooler on a warm summer day than a sleeveless, cotton dress. The finishing touch is a wide, self-tie fabric bow in the back.Another option is the organza puff-sleeve dress. While the organza is a fancier fabric than cotton, the style of this dress is simple and easy to wear.


Many options assume the flower girl will mimic the bride and wear white Trent Alexander-Arnold Jersey , but there are many colorful options that are very appropriate for a flower girl.If you want just a touch of color, consider one of several white dresses finished off with a colorful sash. One white tiered tea-length satin dress can be worn with a stain bow that comes in 17 colors.For a more dramatic color, choose a satin tea-length ball gown that comes in 42 colors. Its matching sash ties in a bow in the back.

For a softer color, consider a soft pink, tea-length taffeta dress with soutache detail. A matching velvet ribbon with a rhinestone buckle encircles the waist. Or you could choose a pink satin dress with a daisy white lace overlay. There is pink satin trim running around the hem, matching a pink pleated band at the waist.Although most flower girls are age 10 or younger, their dresses come in a range of sizes. They often start in a 2 toddler and go up to a girl's size 14. Find that perfect dress for your flower girl in waiting now.

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