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Media bandwidth puzzler

Media bandwidth puzzler

Beitragvon davefollmer » 03.04.2018 12:43


So I am performing an interesting test that I would like some help to understand the results. I have a 1200 frame, 60fps, 1920x1200 uncompressed quicktime file. The file size is 10,800 MB. By my math, the bandwidth requirement is around 540 MB/sec. The info CHOP gives me a disk_read_bit_rate of ~4300, which checks out if the units are Megabits per second. I run the windows performance counter, and the IO Read Bytes/sec for the touch designer process is holding steady around 550,000,000. Great.The media is on a SSD, newer Samsung pro, attached to the motherboard SATA 6GB/sec connector.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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