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choice has a better upgrade

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choice has a better upgrade

Beitragvon lasky1994 » 19.01.2018 06:32

We only know what we study. So if some early pioneer focused on VO2 measurements because that’s all they had Nike Air Max Thea Dam to measure with, then that becomes important simply because we could measure it. The same goes for lactate during the 90’s, and so forth. This is one problem with a strictly evidenced based program. We know far too little Nike Air Max 2016 Damen to be able to measure what matters, performance, and in many cases we don’t even
know what we should be measuring.

Short vs long term-

57 From the book the 10,000 year explosion- “sometimes the apparently inferior choice has a better upgrade path: Evolution can’t know this, and we aren’t particularly Nike Metcon 2 Mujer good at recognizing it ourselves….”Natural selection may solve the same problems differently in different populations, and what appears to be the most elegant solution at the time may not in fact turn out to be the one that works best in the long run”
The principle of immediate versus long term results is a paramount. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Blanc The above idea fits well in running in several ways. First off, in terms of workouts, there are certainly workout types or methods that would produce very good short term gains, but then would sputter out. It’s Adidas Ultra Boost Dames important to keep the big picture in mind and realize that sometimes we do things because we know they will increase your ceiling in the future. A good
example is running form changes. Sometimes when you make form changes you get an immediate decrease in running economy, because the movement is new and awkward Adidas Nmd Dam (and that’s what researchers will point too…). However, what proper form changes do is increase the potential ceiling of efficiency. So that once you get adapted to the change, how efficient you can actually be increases.

The second part of this quote is very pertinent to coaching. Sometimes the easy solution doesn’t work in the long term. For example, we might see big improvements by throwing a bunch of fast interval work with no mileage background for a few weeks. But what happens most of the time is the athlete Nike Air Max 97 Donna gets sudden improvement and then plateaus or bottoms out. So fast work might be the easy answer to the question “How do I improve for the race in 3 weeks?” but long term it might not be the best option.
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